This template features a robust and 100 professional design. It has a pattern of lines that intersect on a reddish background, but the content flows over a white container that has a shadow to give that sense of overlap. In addition, it comes very well not to distract you from what is really important: the content.

Jalea is an ideal template for any purpose as it has a neutral design that fits everything. From for example, a school presentation to no further, the birth of a startup.

Use this free template to inspire your public or private presentations with Google slides or Powerpoint.

  • Template in which it is easy to edit text and pictures.
  • 16 Slides of different styles
  • Elegant, multipurpose design
  • Contains example of using tables.
  • Includes reference for access to a family of hundreds of editable icons.
  • Available to use as a theme in Google slides or to download as a Powerpoint template. You can also export it to PDF, JPG, etc.
  • Ratio of 16:9 you can switch to 4:3 in Google slides or Powerpoint, although you will have to review the graphical elements.
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