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Miracle Free Template for Google Slides

Miracle is a totally free template that can serve you for corporate and business issues. The theme comes prepared so that you can customize it with the company name, the current year, the type of company and even its slogan. With simple typography and flat colors, it is ideal for capturing the attention of viewers. […]

Gryffin Free Template for Google Slides

Gryffin is a free template designed for use for medical, health, chemical or pharmaceutical purposes. Actually, this was the goal when we designed it, but if it fits into your project or purpose, feel free to use it however you want. It has a color palette that plays with green, turquoise and blue (colors specific […]

Kramer Free Template for Google Slides

Kramer is a free template for scientific or mathematical cut presentations. It uses geometric shapes as decoration to the different slides it contains. In addition, it uses a color palette that conveys seriousness and professionalism. It is ideal for presentations that expose aspects of science, computer science and even algebraic topics. It uses both serif […]


Velvet is an elegant presentation that will serve you for all kinds of purposes. The most noteworthy thing about Velvet is definitely its color palette. These colors convey safety and professionalism, but also closeness and warmth. Aspects that can come in handy when it comes to transmitting the values of your company. It uses fonts […]


Obture is a modern and creative template that can serve you for all kinds of purposes. Although focused on the world of photography by its use of images, Obture is useful for any function. It features a modern, minimalist design that plays with neutral colors and clean structures. In addition, it comes in handy so […]


Spooky is a template with a design that will make your hair stand up. It has a backdrop where you can see a mysterious house surrounded by trees and a creepy cemetery. All with a halo of mystery that all it provokes is a sense of sharp fear. Spooky has several backgrounds, such as one […]


This template features a robust and 100 professional design. It has a pattern of lines that intersect on a reddish background, but the content flows over a white container that has a shadow to give that sense of overlap. In addition, it comes very well not to distract you from what is really important: the […]


Ajax is our healthiest workforce. The one that wakes up every morning and runs to get tired to start the day with the 100 of energies. The one who does not scare the physical exercise and loves healthy food. Which is always in shape and avoids excesses. That’s our Ajax. The template has images extracted […]


Yummy is a super original template that will open your appetite. It uses culinary images and soft and simple colors to convey that sense of health and healthy food. In addition, in this template we have been obliged to add more background images to see how they worked well. In your slides you can see […]


Use this free template to inspire your public or private presentations with Google slides or Powerpoint. Hexagon is a template with a robust and 100 professional design. It bases all its imagery in the hexagon polygon. Of blue colors, it is capable of transmitting calm and peace. In addition, it comes very well not to […]


Use this free template to inspire your public or private presentations with Google slides or Powerpoint. Retrogamer is a template with a design that is based on the games of the years 80 and early 90. In particular it tries to emulate the typical games of marcianitos like Space invaders or Galaga, in whose worlds […]


Guerrilla is a simple template with a professional 100 design. It Uses a palette of soft colors but with a very marked personality. Although we created this template with the idea in mind that it served to talk about marketing issues and others, at the end we realized that actually serves any purpose. As I […]


Mixed is a simple template with a professional 100 design. It Uses a palette of soft colors but with a very marked personality. Its name, Mixed, comes clearly from the design with diagonal elements with contrasts whose mission is to “split” the content to make it more readable for the user. This topic is a […]


Nzuri is a template inspired by Africa and all its imagery. The name of the template means “pretty” in Swahili and I think it’s great. It is a template with geometric decorations and colors that recall the color range of the African continent: yellow, brown, green,… In addition, in its decoration we can also see […]


Fruits is a fun and very friendly template. Their pastel colors are very pleasing to the eye, which causes the spectators a sense of calm. To make it a little more cheerful, it has some nice characters in the background that represent different fruits such as a pear, an orange, some cherries and even a […]


Eustace is a simple theme ideal for any type of presentation. Its design consists of garnet colors that sometimes act as background color and sometimes as a frame of the slide. This frame consists of small circular elements which provide diversity to the design of the template. And not only that, each of the slides […]


Joy is a theme that stands out among the others because of its many colors. Use a palette of purple, orange, blue and magenta to highlight the contents that interest you the most. Another element that uses the template are the circles. Combined with other colors give a lot of depth to the design of […]

Silent Film

Creative theme that emulates the silent cinema. For those who do not know, the cinema began in the early twentieth century, but it was not until the year 1927 that premiered the first film with sound, The singer of Jazz. Before that year and for a few more years, the cinema lacked sound and to […]