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Dandelion Free Template for Google Slides

Dandelion is a free template for Generalist Google Slides, which fits into any type of theme. By creating it it has evoked us to an urban environment, skateboarding and even hip hop, but as you will see, it can be

COVID19 Free Template for Google Slides

We are currently suffering the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic. Multiple governments, from different countries, have taken steps to alleviate the effects of this COVID19, such as confinement. For days, many of us have only made life in our house,

Maximus Free Template for Google Slides

Below is a presentation that can be very useful for explaining concepts of the Roman Empire. Maximus is a presentation that takes advantage of all the imagery of civilization that dominated the Mediterranean Sea completely so that the concepts are

Tatami Free Template for Google Slides

Tatami is a template inspired by Japanese imagery. Surely you have ever eaten in a Japanese restaurant and when you see the menu you have seen that the arrangement of its elements is a little strange and is somewhat boxed

Winter Christmas Free Template for Google Slides

Christmas is coming and in slidesmedia we have prepared for it. How? Very simple. Offering you our new “Winter Christmas” template, set in the magical world of Christmas, for free. And we all like to receive gifts from Santa Claus

Oulu Free Template for Google Slides

Oulu is an ideal template to talk about education and/or pedagogical topics. Its name comes from a city of the same name located in Finland, country at the forefront in terms of quality education. Use rounded shapes to further emphasize

Houzzz Free Template for Google Slides

Houzzz a free template that will come from pearls to talk about creative topics, such as photography, design and similar themes. It uses multiple pastel shapes and textures to give it that original touch that characterizes it. It may remind

Miracle Free Template for Google Slides

Miracle is a totally free template that can serve you for corporate and business issues. The theme comes prepared so that you can customize it with the company name, the current year, the type of company and even its slogan.

Gryffin Free Template for Google Slides

Gryffin is a free template designed for use for medical, health, chemical or pharmaceutical purposes. Actually, this was the goal when we designed it, but if it fits into your project or purpose, feel free to use it however you

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