Eclipse Free Template for Google Slides

Eclipse features a robust and 100% professional design. Its style is based on duality, that is, the contrast of two well-defined colors such as magenta and violet. This causes a sense of security and well to make it come from

Summer Free Template for Google Slides

Summer is a template for Google Slides and Powerpoint ideal for the time we are enjoying right now: summer. You know, a time when the heat is an act of presence, the days are much longer and we can enjoy

Maximus Free Template for Google Slides

Below is a presentation that can be very useful for explaining concepts of the Roman Empire. Maximus is a presentation that takes advantage of all the imagery of civilization that dominated the Mediterranean Sea completely so that the concepts are

Winter Christmas Free Template for Google Slides

Christmas is coming and in slidesmedia we have prepared for it. How? Very simple. Offering you our new “Winter Christmas” template, set in the magical world of Christmas, for free. And we all like to receive gifts from Santa Claus

Houzzz Free Template for Google Slides

Houzzz a free template that will come from pearls to talk about creative topics, such as photography, design and similar themes. It uses multiple pastel shapes and textures to give it that original touch that characterizes it. It may remind


Spooky is a template with a design that will make your hair stand up. It has a backdrop where you can see a mysterious house surrounded by trees and a creepy cemetery. All with a halo of mystery that all


Yummy is a super original template that will open your appetite. It uses culinary images and soft and simple colors to convey that sense of health and healthy food. In addition, in this template we have been obliged to add


Use this free template to inspire your public or private presentations with Google slides or Powerpoint. Retrogamer is a template with a design that is based on the games of the years 80 and early 90. In particular it tries


Nzuri is a template inspired by Africa and all its imagery. The name of the template means “pretty” in Swahili and I think it’s great. It is a template with geometric decorations and colors that recall the color range of


Fruits is a fun and very friendly template. Their pastel colors are very pleasing to the eye, which causes the spectators a sense of calm. To make it a little more cheerful, it has some nice characters in the background

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