Jorge López


Mixed is a simple template with a professional 100 design. It Uses a palette of soft colors but with a very marked personality. Its name, Mixed, comes clearly from the design with diagonal elements with contrasts whose mission is to


Nzuri is a template inspired by Africa and all its imagery. The name of the template means “pretty” in Swahili and I think it’s great. It is a template with geometric decorations and colors that recall the color range of


Fruits is a fun and very friendly template. Their pastel colors are very pleasing to the eye, which causes the spectators a sense of calm. To make it a little more cheerful, it has some nice characters in the background


Eustace is a simple theme ideal for any type of presentation. Its design consists of garnet colors that sometimes act as background color and sometimes as a frame of the slide. This frame consists of small circular elements which provide


Joy is a theme that stands out among the others because of its many colors. Use a palette of purple, orange, blue and magenta to highlight the contents that interest you the most. Another element that uses the template are

Silent Film

Creative theme that emulates the silent cinema. For those who do not know, the cinema began in the early twentieth century, but it was not until the year 1927 that premiered the first film with sound, The singer of Jazz.


Creative theme whose background emulates a post postcard. Before the time of e-mail and instant messaging applications, they used to send postcards that, ahead of them had a photo of the place you were visiting, and from behind they looked


Use this free template to inspire your public or private presentations with Google slides or Powerpoint. Cubes is a template with a robust and 100% professional design. It has a background image that shows nine cubes placed diagonally in the


Creative and modern theme whose background image emulates a pink-colored liquid similar to the lava that volcanoes expel. Each of the slides that make up this theme has a different background image, which plays with the content of its interior.

For Dummies

This slide tries to emulate the typical design of the “for Dummies” manuals. Ideal for those presentations in which you must explain basic concepts with a fun approach. Use photographs to create your own impressive slides, while still having a

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