Guerrilla is a simple template with a professional 100 design. It Uses a palette of soft colors but with a very marked personality. Although we created this template with the idea in mind that it served to talk about marketing issues and others, at the end we realized that actually serves any purpose.

As I said before, this topic is a multipurpose topic. That Is, It will come from pearls to present any topic, whether it be technological aspects, as something more personal.

Use this free template to inspire your public or private presentations with Google slides or Powerpoint.

  • Fully editable template. Easy to change text and pictures.
  • 16 slides of different styles.
  • Simple and elegant Design.
  • Contains example of using tables.
  • Includes reference for access to a family of hundreds of editable icons.
  • Available to use as a theme in Google slides or to download as a Powerpoint template. You can also export it to PDF, JPG, etc.
  • Ratio of 16:9 you can switch to 4:3 in Google slides or Powerpoint, although you will have to review the graphical elements.
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